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Beach volley in Bcn? Yes, of course!

GENERAL INFORMATION, Sports — By on febrero 10, 2012 1:40 pm

Beach volleyball in Barcelona

Beach volleyball in Barcelona? Yes, of course!


In Barcelona, where the sun shines most of the year you can find perfect conditions to play volleyball on the beach. When summer arrives to the city, most of the people change office for the beach and try to spend there as much possible time as they can. For those who don’t want to just sunbathe and relax, there is a solution. Beach volleyball!

This sport it’s great for your well-being, you play outside and during the games you also sunbathe so you do can something for your body and also get tannedJ Moreover, minimum of players are 4, 2  player for each team, but you can also play with a group of your friends and have fun.

In Barcelona, there are few places where you can find people playing beach volleyball through the whole year. One of these places is the beach Nova Icaria. Almost every day but mostly during the weekends, people place volleyball nets and play until the dark. You can also meet new friends during the games.

If you need more information about beach volleyball in Barcelona, just check Asociación de Voley playa Barcelona – they offer training for beginners every Saturday morning.

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