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La Mona de Pascua, the traditional Easter cake in Catalunya

ART & CULTURE — By on marzo 29, 2012 10:51 am

La Mona de Pascua, Easter in Barcelona

The traditional Easter cake La Mona de Pascua is something that cannot be forgotten during the Easter in Barcelona also known as Semana Santa.

La Mona de Pascua is a typical Easter cake made during the Easter holidays in many Spanish regions like Valencia, Catalonia, Murcia, or Aragon.

This delicious cake symbolizes that the Lent abstinence is over and La Mona de Pascua is traditionally given by a godfather and godmother to their godchildren at Easter. The cake is made from flour, sugar and eggs and it looks like big doughnut.

mona de pascuamona de pascua

Making La Mona de Pascua involves a lot of work with the dough but I add the recipe if you would like to make it at home.


-          4 eggs

-          150g of sugar

-          150g of flour

-          5g of yeast

-          2 beaten egg (whites)

-          50g of butter

For the garnish:

-          250g of dark chocolate

-          125g of butter


Beat the eggs and sugar together in a bowl and in separate bowl mix the flour and yeast together. Slowly add the mixture of flour and yeast through a sieve to the egg and sugar mixture. Stir constantly. Whisk the egg whites in a separate bowl and add sugar while whisking, than add to the flour and egg mixture. Put the final mixture into a greased and flour sprinkled mould and place it in the oven at 180 ºC for about 45 minutes. When it’s baked, allow to cool and cut in half and spread with jam.

For the garnish, stir and melt the chocolate and butter together and cover the cake with the mixture.

If you are in Barcelona during the Easter holidays and you go to any bakery, for sure you will find La Mona de Pascua so you can try some traditional Easter Catalan food.

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