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Eating calçolts in Barcelona

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Eating calçots is one of the favorite traditions among Catalans in the winter months; harvest goes from November and continues through April. This old tradition has been keeping alive for centuries and it is a great excuse to enjoy these grilled onions in company of family and friends. Not to be missed!

calçots in barcelona

The calçot from Valls in Tarragona is protected by the European Union. It was in the late 1800’s when a farmer in Valls started cultivating them in a special way. He covered them with earth so that the edible part doesn’t go green so it remains white, a similar method to growing white asparagus. The calçot is larger than a typical green onion, and milder, too.
The most famous calçotada celebration is held in Valls the last week of January.

calçolts in barcelona

The traditional Catalan method of cooking the calçots is by grilling them over a flaming barbecue. Once the calçot is cooked, they wrap them in newspaper, which makes them tender and keeps them warm. They can be served on a terra cotta roof tile also to keep them warm.

calçolts in barcelona

Once you have peel the calçot and made your hands dirty you dip it in a tasty sauce made of tomatoes, almonds, garlic, olive oil, vinegar and peppers, called salvitxada or sauce romesco. And of course you have to be standing up and be wearing a bib, an important part of the tradition too!
Come to Barcelona in winter and enjoy these delicious grilled onions and if you’re looking for accommodation in Barcelona we can offer you a beautiful apartment at the best price.


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