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Where to find the best pizza in Barcelona?

ART & CULTURE, Gastronomy — By on febrero 1, 2012 4:40 pm

barcelona pizza

Once you come to Barcelona, you want to try some typical Spanish cuisine. Of course, everybody should eat some tapas, the famous Spanish dish. Well, it’s most like a small portion of different types of food, for example patatas bravas (potatoes with sauce), cheese, pan con tomate (bread with tomato) or cured ham. It’s a worth to try it and I would highly recommend it. However, if you ever feel like eating pizza in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to visit some of these famous places.

For the fans of pizza I add a bit of history of pizza. Pizza is a product of the Mediterranean.  Probably of Persian origin, then pizza got to Greece and because of the Greece settlers in Italy pizza was introduced to southern Italy.

In the third century BC, there was a food mentioned in Roman history which looked like round dough with olive oil, herbs and honey baked on stones.

Later on around 18th century, the King Ferdinand I introduced the pizza to Italian society.

Some people say that Ferdinand sometimes dressed as a commoner to visit his favorite pizzeria in a suburb of Naples.

Regarding to pizza in Barcelona, I add some popular and favorite restaurants where you can eat the best pizza. You should not miss it!


  1. La Bella Napoli  (calle de Margarit 12)
  2. La Mamma (calle Villarroel 247)
  3. Fratelli La Bufala (calle Diputación 93)
  4. La Briciola (carrer d´Olzinelles 19)
  5. Al Passatore (Pla de Palau 8 )
  6. Gusto Ristorante Pizzeria (calle Rosselló 108)

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