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Let’s dance in Sala Razzmatazz!

Entertainment, Music — By on junio 4, 2012 7:27 pm

Sala Razzmatazz is one of the most famous music clubs in Barcelona and you cannot miss it!

Sala Razzmatazz (or simply just Razz) was named after a song of British group Pulp. The club is located in the former factory and it includes 5 different rooms each one with stage to offer one of the best music in Barcelona. Each room has different type of music, although the most present styles are the indie pop, alternative rock and electronic music.

razzmatazz2 razzmatazz3

Where is it?

You can find the Sala Razzmatazz in the Poblenou district (calle Almogàvers 122) not far away from the city center, but it’s better to take a public transport to get there. The closest metro station is Marina or Bogatell (L4).


When to come?

The best time for visiting Razzmatazz club is on Fridays or Saturdays. Both days the club opens all 5 rooms and it becomes the biggest club in the city. Each space offers different type of music so there is something to listen or dance for everybody.


If you wish to see some specific concerts or DJ´s check the official websites of the Sala Razzmatazz and you can find many discounts while buying online ticket. If you walk around Las Ramblas, you can also get the discount flyer with the entrance till 1 or 2am sometimes with one drink included.

In addition, if you don’t buy any ticket in advance, you can also enter paying the usual admission depending on which concert you plan to go.

The Razzmatazz offers everything for everybody, the place is huge and it has the highest club capacity in Barcelona. You always find a good music and great concerts to enjoy dancing whole night.

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