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RCD ESPANYOL – Popular football club in Barcelona

Sports — By on marzo 14, 2012 11:43 am

RCD ESPANYOL – Popular football club in Barcelona

Do you fancy a football? You probably know the famous club FC Barcelona, but you might not know the RCD Espanyol, the football club with a long history.

If you already visited the stadium and the museum of FC Barcelona club you might feel like visiting the stadium of another famous football club-RCD Espanyol.

The RCD Espanyol, its full name Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol is one of the oldest football clubs in the Spanish league. The club was mostly famous for its Spanish or Catalan players, as opposed to other teams with British players or other nationalities.

RCD Espanyol in barcelonaRCD ESPANYOL


The old stadium was located at Olympic Stadium in Montjuic area. The construction of the new stadium began in 2006 and it was inaugurated 3 year later. The Cornella-  El Prat Stadium is one of the most modern stadiums in Europe with a capacity of 40.000 people. If you want to be some typical souvenirs of RCD Espanyol, there is a shop inside of the stadium.


RCD Espanyol club had many famous players through the years of its existence. The one of the most popular players was legendary goalkeeper Ricardo Zamora or players like Alfredo Di Stefano, Dani Solsona, Jesus Glaria or Rafa Maranhao.


The first uniform of the club’s history was yellow. After the 1910 the members of the club decided to change the colors and emblem as well. Nowadays, the player use the uniform consists of white and blue color.

RCD Espanyol in barcelonaRCD Espanyol in barcelona


The main historical rival of RCD Espanyol is the FC Barcelona team. These two teams both represented the Barcelona city and Catalonia. The first match between these two rival clubs took place in 1900 and since then is the rivalry between clubs and its fans increasing.

Once, you are in Barcelona you should visit the stadium of RCD Espanyol so you can see the modern stadium and feel like a football player for the moment.

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