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Sant Jordi’s day

Traditions — By on noviembre 30, 2011 10:22 pm

Are you planning to visit Barcelona and don´t know which are the most appropriate dates for that?

Let me advise you to arrive for Sant Jordi feast, which is celebrated on 23rd of April, as a symbol of beginning of spring.

The festive calendar of Barcelona is certainly rich in culture. There are several holidays when the city turns into a real world of parties, with diverse outdoor celebrations where people are the protagonists. On those special days Barcelona is more welcoming, enthusiastic and generous city. Its streets and squares are transformed in community cultural spaces where the local artists make the performance.

The day of Sant Jordi is one of the favorite feasts of Catalonians, the party of the book and the rose.

The tradition of giving roses to the women dates back to the fifteenth century. The women who attended the April 23rd Mass celebrated in the chapel of Sant Jordi were given a rose. Nowadays the men in love offer the traditional rose to their beloved women. The rose symbolizes passion and always is accompanied by the landmark symbol of Catalonia, and an ear of corn, symbol of fertility.

Las Ramblas is the centre of the action on Sant Jordi´s day, where the book counter´s are installed and you can buy the books with signatures of the authors at a discount price, due to the fact that April 23 is also the official day of the book.

Don´t miss the cultural agenda of Sant Jordi and visit our beautiful city for this date, we at will gladly provide you with the quality accommodation in Barcelona with minimum price guaranteed.

We are looking forward to see you here in April.



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