Barcelona area Eixample esquerra

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Modern Barcelona´s district Eixample for which it is worldwide famous, is divided into two parts, right and left. Eixample means the extension of the city outside the medieval old town. The Passeig de Gracia divides Eixample into two. The Eixample Esquerra (Left Eixample) is part of the west of the Paseo. It is located in the heart of the city, close to

Plaza España and the convention center Fira de Barcelona, and to the main railway station in Barcelona, Sants Estació. The famous Las Ramblas are at 5-15 minutes by underground depending on the part of the district. This is a residential area where a large part of middle class population lives, so it has many underground and bus stations.

Eixample Esquerra doesn’t have the glow of the modernist architecture that you can find in its neighbor Eixample Dret however, it is well known for concentrating an important entertainment area: a wide variety of fashion restaurants, tapas bars, discos, night clubs, boutiques, markets, supermarkets, all kind of shops and other attractions.

For the sightseeing it’s important to highlight the following monuments located in the area:

Barcelona University – built in nineteenth century, is one of the most visited points by the tourists because of its emblematic architecture, the rugged walls, fascinating courtyards, romantic gardens and library.

The park of Joan Miró – this open and wide park is an ideal place to relax in summer, it wears the name of a famous Catalonian artist Joan Miró because of his sculpture located here ¨ Woman and Bird¨. With a little imagination through this impressive piece of bright colors we see the female figure crowned by the bird, a reference to the artistic icons of the city.

Two municipal markets Mercat Sant Antoni and Mercat Ninot are situated in this district, they can surprise you with their nice appearance and all kind of goods and aliments they offer to the visitors.

Eixample Esquerra contains the area known as Gayxample Barcelona, a place with the greatest concentration of premises for gay entertainment at the city. Most of the bars with this characteristic are located between the streets Consell de Cent and Aribau.

Plenty of nice restaurants and bars for all tastes in the area, the most importants to emphasize are: Restaurant Sushi Itto, Lanina Restaurant, Restaurant Habaluc, Trobador Granados, L´Olivé, Mojito club, Dry Martini, Bar Linea 625 etc.

Don´t miss this picturesque modernistic district with its nice buildings and square blocks.

Pictures of the area

Some apartments in this area

Apartment Eixample delight
Apartment Gran Via
Apartment Blanco
Apartment Modern Center A
Apartment Modern Center B
Apartment Star Light