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Poblenou is one of the neighborhoods that have changed more radically in Barcelona in recent years. It is a neighborhood with an interesting development since at least a century has gone from industrial area, to accommodate super-modern neighborhoods as The Olympic Village, in the coastal strip of Poblenou, or the 2004 Forum, workshops and schools of the contemporary art, and innovative businesses and development projects such as 22 @.
Initially in the nineteenth century it was city's industrial zone, the entrepreneurs set up factories on the cheap land, outside the Old Town. In twentieth century the vast majority of the factories was abandoned and fell into disrepair and Poblenou became a ghost town.

With the 1992 Olympic Games were initiated major changes in the area, which gained new momentum with transformations such as the extension of Diagonal Avenue, the redevelopment of the Plaza de las Glories and urbanization of the coast. This area will spend the next years new residential locations and equipment, among which the planned location of a campus of the University, which will provide a significant vitality to the area.

Despite of this fast reorganization This district didn't lose its typical appearance, Rambla del Poblenou remains its axis, a delightful boulevard which crosses the whole quarter, the seaside cemetery, the characteristic streets and kept traditional factories are still there, although today have been converted to other uses.

Overall Poblenou is well worth an afternoon of the discerning tourist's time for its charming mix of Modernist blocks and houses, redbrick factories (some decaying, some renovated) and gleaming skyscrapers, changing into a technological hub and office zone, surrounded by luxury flats. Indeed futuristic labs and workspaces are being built here.

Night owls may want to investigate the area come evening, as a number of old factories have been put to better use and now function as bars, pubs and clubs, sala Razzmatazz being a prime example. The coastline of the district is really worthy to visit, composed by Poblenou beach, Bogatell beach, Icaria beach, Marbella beach etc and is the favorite place for the tourists in summer times. The area has a large number of green zones, modern parks and gardens as well.
The district of Poblenou can be reached by the number of public buses and underground (Line 4, stops: Poblenou, Bogatell, Llacuna, Selva de Mar,El Maresme I Forum). The distance from the famous Las Ramblas is between 15 minutes by underground.

Pictures of the area

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