Apartments in Barcelona | how to get to our barcelona apartments

There is a large net of public transport in Barcelona in order to provide the perfect communication between the different parts of Barcelona and connect the city centre with the Airports or Railway Stations

barcelona public transportBARCELONA AIRPORT

Barcelona airport El Prat is located 12 km (8 miles) south west from the city center. (About 20-30 min. drive). The airport has 2 Terminals: 1 and 2. Passengers can use a free shuttle bus which connects the two terminals.

Terminal 1: International departures and arrivals.

Terminal 2: National and Intercommunity departures and arrivals.

Barcelona airport is well-connected with the city centre with several means of public transport, following we offer the detailed information about the issue:


Aerobus: An express bus service runs regularly from the airport to Barcelona city center (Plaza Cataluña) every single day of the year each 5 minutes. The Aerobus needs about 30 minutes to get the centre, from there you can go on by underground or taxi.

From Airport to Plaza Catalunya (5:30 h to 22:15 h).

From Plaza Catalunya to Airport (6:00 h to 23:00 h).

More info 906 42 70 17


Line 46

This day city bus runs from Plaza de España to the Aeroport El Prat. See below the timetable:

• From Monday to Thursday, on Sundays and holidays: 5:00 h to 24:00 h

• On Fridays and holiday eves: from 5:00 h to 2:00 h

Line N17

This night city bus runs from Ronda Universitat (near Plaça Catalunya) to the Aeroport El Prat every day. Timetable is detailed below:

• From Ronda Universitat to the Airport: 23:00 h to 05:00 h, runs regularly every 20 minutes.

• From the Airport to the city centre: from 21:50 h to 22:10 h every 10 minutes; from 22:20 h to 04:40 h every 20 minutes.


The railway company is RENFE, Linea C-1 from the airport to the city center stops at Estació Sants, Paseig de Gracia, Estació de França. All the stations are connected to the underground system (see your closest underground station).

The RENFE Cercanías station is connected to the passenger terminal via a travelator, which is located in front of the Terminal 2 building between the terminals A and B.


From Airport to Estació Sants: from 6:13 h to 23:40 h, every 30 minutes. The train needs about 25 minutes to Estació Sants.

From Estació de França to the airport: from 5:30 h to 22:11 h, every 30 minutes.

More info 902 24 02 02


Specially recommended!

The best way to get to the apartment is to take a taxi. It's the most comfortable way and really cheap in Barcelona.


A taxi for 1- 4 people will cost you about 25 to 30 € € and it will take about 30 minutes to the apartment. Please give the exact address to the taxi driver.

There are a lot of taxis in terminals A, B and C.

You can recognize them from their typical black-yellow varnish.

More info 902 240 202


By highway or motorway, it depends on your route.

See on your map.


Public parking costs about 20€-25 €€ per day.

If you want you can rent a car from the airport (not recommended to visit only Barcelona city center)


There are a lot of public car parks everywhere in Barcelona center, please check on your map or see more info on the council’s site by filling in the exact apartment address.


Girona is about 150 km away from Barcelona center.

The best way to travel from Girona airport to Barcelona city center is to take a bus.

There is a company bus "Sagales" that leaves you in Barcelona in about 1,5 h at Estació del Nord. From there you can continue the way by the Underground (L-1 Arc de Triomf station), or take a taxi to the apartment.


Main lines >>

From Mon. to Thu, Sun. and bank holidays: from 5:00 h to 24:00 h.

On Fridays, Saturdays and bank holidays eve: from 5:00 h to 02:00 h.

The train runs regularly every 2 or 3 minutes. Underground is the fastest and cheapest way to get around the city.

Modern stations

Stations for handicapped (consult maps)

Ask for a pocket underground map in the ticket offices.

In a few minutes you can get everywhere by Barcelona Underground System.