barcelona safety tips

When choosing an apartment to stay in Barcelona many people ask the question “Is it safe?”

barcelona safety tipsWe are lucky to live in a pleasant city which has little crime compared to many others, and has a reputation for being a friendly place. Of course, like with every city in the world, some areas are better than others, safer or more patrolled by the police.

The key to enjoying a good stay in Barcelona is to choose a place that you are most comfortable with, and one that allows you to experience the type of holiday you want to have. Whether you want to relax, party, celebrate or experience the city's rich and varied culture, we have a good apartment for you.

So, tourists are unlikely to encounter any danger but should be careful in the central quarters of the city like Las Ramblas, Old Town or Raval area ...

The usual advice we give to people is simply to use your common sense:

  • Keep an eye on your bags in crowded areas and public transport.

  • Don't go down any streets you don't like the look of.

  • And please avoid to carry your original passport and all of your money for the holiday with you.

One particular scam to watch out for is groups of young children trying to get signatures on sponsorship forms. Unfortunately it is only a method of distraction whilst their friends try to steal your bag, wallet, camera or phone!

Most people don't experience any trouble of this nature when visiting Barcelona, but if you are at all worried then perhaps a good choice would be to rent an apartment in one of the more "upmarket" neighbourhoods such as Eixample, Gracia or Sagrada Familia.

Here you will find some of the best restaurants, and quieter streets than the city centre. We recommend these places for family holidays, as well as the beach neighbourhoods of Barceloneta and Poblenou.

Ramblas, Raval, Born and the Gothic Quarter are all fine areas too, which can be enjoyed by families but are particularly suited to groups of friends who want to enjoy the famous Barcelona nightlife.
The traditional narrow streets in these districts combined with the high concentration of tourists, means that it is a good idea to be particularly careful of your belongings when visiting the huge number of popular bars and clubs. If you like a good night out, the nightlife in the Old Town area until the early hours you should definitely watch up and be alert just in case.

Wishing you an enjoyable stay in Barcelona!