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The Aquarium, is located in the Port Vell entertainment complex, this vast aquarium is fun for all the family.
Covering all sorts of aquatic life, from penguins to seahorses, there is also the thrilling prospect of travelling through an 80m long glass tunnel surrounded by sharks and sting rays!14 separate aquariums represent the different Mediterranean communities and it is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about life under the sea.

There are also 7 aquariums dedicated to tropical fish and coral reefs with lots of exotic species on display, including clownfish just like Nemo!Aside from the nature displays visitors can also enjoy Planeta Aqua, an area set aside to learn more about the importance of seas and oceans on our ecosystem and fascinating facts about glaciers, deep sea abysses and tropical waters.

There are lots of interactive displays for children to get their hands on, they can even stroll into the mouth of model sperm whale.


Opening times:
9.30am-9pm Mon-Fri.
Weekends and holidays, 9.30am-9.30pm (June/Sept)
9.30am-11pm (July/Aug).

Admission: Adults €15.50, Children (4-12yrs) €10.50.

Nearest Metro: Barceloneta (L4)